Faye Bordeaux


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Faye Bordeaux is a native daughter of Pitt County.  Growing up here, Faye has seen a great deal of change and growth. As a social worker, counselor and successful businesswoman, Faye Bordeaux knows we need leadership on the County Commission who will focus on a Smart Growth Plan for our county.

Faye’s Top Issues:

   • Smart Growth and Strategic Planning for Economic Development

   • Investing In Our Public Schools and Community Colleges

   • Improving Our Mental Health and substance Abuse Services

   • Expanding Our Parks and Recreation Programs 

   • Supporting Our First Responders and Sheriff’s Office

“When I got involved in the local effort to stop the location of a cryptocurrency mining operation in our Belvoir community, I saw firsthand the critical need for strategic planning when it comes to the growth of our county."

“Pitt County is going to grow and develop.  We are the economic hub for Eastern North Carolina.  We want new jobs and new opportunities for our county, but we also want to protect our quality of life and respect our neighborhoods and communities.”

Education will be another priority for the first-time candidate. 


“Our schools are an investment in our economic future.  It’s imperative that we support our classroom teachers, principals, and support staff in making sure our children get a 21st century education – giving them the skills they will need to compete in today’s economy.  We want our children to be productive citizens, and that begins with successful schools.”

“I will be a champion for our community college as well.  We need to support workforce training programs that will help us be strategic in recruiting high-tech, high-wage jobs to our county.”

“Improving our mental health and substance abuse care safety net is a policy issue I will address.  We have a high demand for mental health and substance abuse services and a low supply of doctors and counselors.  Our county is dealing with a major opioid problem, including fentanyl, so I will work with our local mental health and substance abuse service system, Sheriff and law enforcement agencies, our first responders and other partners to see what’s needed to help us turn that tide.  Too many people are in a mental health crisis, dying and overdosing and that’s creating a real strain on families and our first responder system.”

“As a native of Pitt County, I know that this is a beautiful and special place to live and raise a family, but we also have to protect it.  I want to work to expand our parks and recreation programs. I want to see and promote more collaboration between the county and our local community governments to provide the best experience through our parks for all age groups.  I want the Pitt County parks to be the envy of Eastern North Carolina.  Specifically, I want to see collaboration between our parks and schools so we can offer good after school programs that provide appropriate supervision and care for our young people to keep them off the street and out of trouble.”

“It’s critical that Pitt County begin to look at environmental plans to help us meet Climate Change carbon reduction mandates.  This will also be a collaborative effort with other local governments, our university system, and our business community.”

“Finally, I will be an advocate for our law enforcement and first responders across the county.  We need to make sure our deputies, detention officers and EMS personnel have competitive salaries and funding for professional training and development.  Our first responders are under a great deal of stress, and we must show them our support. It is critical that our Sheriff and first responders have the resources, manpower, equipment, and training that they need to serve and protect our citizens.  Public safety will be a top priority for me.”